A New Beginning

Welcome the University of Toronto Kendo Alumni Network (UTKAN). We are a network of University of Toronto graduates with a passion for kendo. Many of our members are active at the University of Toronto Kendo Club – while others practice at various clubs across the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, and the world.

As a network associated with the Alumni Relations Office, our goal is to provide a community for U of T alumni around the world to connect through a shared interest in kendo. As a martial art, kendo has been practiced at the University of Toronto for more than 40 years – and the number of kendo alumni has been steadily growing since then. We’re proud to have more than 80 active alumni at the moment and are always looking to rekindle connections with other alumni – whether they are past, present, or future kenshi.

UTKAN was created with our shared connection to the University of Toronto in mind, and reflects U of T’s motto: velut arbor aevo – as the tree grows through time.